Friday, September 30, 2011

Typhoons and madness!

Sorry it has been a while.  Why am I still surprised when things are busy?  A summary of the last few days?  Ok here you go:

I had the past three days off which was nice/hard at the same time.  I found out a buddy of mine had to leave the country so I had planned to go see him before he took off but things got a little crazier than I originially anticipated! 

Our house turned into a proper share house for the week which has been weird.  We have had someone's girlfriend because her roomates parents are in town, we have also had a tattoo artist staying at our place and working out of R's room!  He starts so early too!!!  So at 9:30 am you wake up to the droning buzz of that ruckus.  And then on Tuesday, I got word that a friend of a friend was stuck in macau without a place to go so we took her in as well!  It's been crazy.

Anyway, I went over to HK on Weds to see my very stressed friend.  Loads of immigration problems but it was nice to hang out before he got the boot!  But then on Thursday there was a T8 which means a bigish typhoon!  That means no ferrys back to Mahcow!  Oh no!  So I ended up spending another night and feeling a it guilty about it but it's all good.  Luckily he got his shit sorted out in the end and I was able to come back on Friday morning.

And now... I have today off because it's a public holiday.  So I am packing packing packing and starting to deal with my own immigration problems!  Yuck!  More to come soon including probably something ranty soon about how much I hate immigration but for now, that is it.  Back soon!!



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