Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the end....

A few days ago we found out that ZAiA, the Cirque du Soleil show in Macau, is closing.

For those Zaians reading this, know we are all thinking of you here on Totem and wishing you the best.

The decision was made very quickly and the guys and gals in Macau now find themselves with about 2 weeks to gather up their lives and move on. 

I am a bit heartbroken for all my friends who are suddenly finding themselves jobless.  I know that everyone will find something to do though.  

Macau had it's ups and downs to be sure, but I am absolutely glad that I had a chance to be part of such a unique family for a few years. 

I think looking back at the stories all of can share about living in Macau... if we were to share most of them.  People would think we were lying.  To date I have not been to a more unusual place.  As slummy as it can be there is something quite charming about it as well. And the stories oh the stories.... paying for cabs with magical crystals, riding statues, blind bowling.  And the canoe.... oh the life canoe.  

Most of the people I know who have left all get occasional Macau sickness where we yearn to go back if only for a day or two.  

It's all been said.  It's a shitty situation and I hope that everyone lands on their feet.

On a totally personal selfish front, I am sad because you all will not be closer to HK if that's where I end up.  Was so looking forward to hanging out with that group. 

Love love love to you all. 



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