Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My last post was a month ago!  Whoops.... sometimes always time slips through my fingers!

Since that last one though here is what you missed:  Settled down in San Jose, trips around the world and back, and new projects and adventures.

San Jose is good.  It seems really quiet which to be honest is kind of a welcome change from the organized chaos that London ended up being.  I had a great time in London but my hours were high work wise and with an hour plus commute each way... to be honest most of the trip is a blur of tube stops and coffee breaks and time spent in the basement of the Royal Albert Hall!

So SJ is fine.  I'll admit, it's slightly boring.... but there are certainly worse places to hang out in for a few months.  Lots of bike riding, lots of running, lots of cooking... So it's been a nice break.  And yes, per usual lots of working.  Always lots of working.  That's a constant!

About 2 weeks ago I made the trip back to Macau and HK.
It was a bit of an adventure to get there, but once in Macau it was super nice to see everyone and hang out.  The weather had been royally poop for the three weeks prior to my arrival and that didn't really change.  Basically living in a cloud were you can't see the building across the street.

So I was in Macau for 4 days and spent the time just catching up with friends and hearing about the end of the show there.  Finding out where everyone was going etc.  Pleased to report that most everyones attitudes were better than I had expected and everyone was pretty upbeat and hopeful about eveything coming up.

Then I spent 4 days in Honkers which was fun as well.  I had a few parties to go to but mostly just people to catch up with.  I was there for St Pattys so we had a fun night out with the Macau crew that came over that surprisingly didn't end that messily (at least for me!)

I had one day completely free with nobody to hang out with and nothing to do so I spent some time in quiet contemplation writing and thinking about if I could make a home there and what kind of life that would be and if that is the city that I want to try and go it alone in.

I feel like I have been such a part of these weird communities for so long... since school at rada really it warps my perception.  RADA was 6 days a week often 12 hours a day for two years and we were so intertwined there.  From there, to NC, to Macau, and now here... I have been working in environments that kind of force your interactions to center around work just by way of the job.  SO the idea of moving to a brand new (kinda new) place where a job is just a job and basically doing it pretty blind, and trying to find a group of friends and community and being ok all alone again.  Is both daunting and exciting.  

My brother tells me not to worry.  That whether I  know it or not, I'm a people person, and that I have friends everywhere I just haven't met them yet.

Anyway, that turned into a bit of a ramble...

Exciting projects starting TONIGHT.... yes.  But still top secret.  More to be revealed soon.  And I promise I will not make you wait a month til next time.



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