Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Turning 30!

Yeah so that happened!  I will post some photos soon once I hook up my camera etc.

But I had a nice time with friends.  Celebrations started on Sunday with an after work BBQ (not for me but because Sunday the 24th was Jean-Baptiste Day so all the Quebec'ers were happy).  So we had a BBQ and then went to a bar in cambridge.  Super nice place with super friendly bar tenders who were.... rather liberal in their pours.  To the result of a kind of amazing evening with a rather tender head the next day.  


My actual birthday started with a rainy morning and some friends and I went to this place called Blunch for uh... Brunch?  Anyway.  It's a pretty awesome sandwich shop.  This isn't mine, I'm still not eating meat!   But they were all pretty awesome sandwiches and absolutely helped with the headaches felt by all! !

For dinner some of my best friends and I went to dinner.  We decided to get all dressed up because we rarely get the chance to do so.  
So we got all fancied up and headed to Uni.  A super post sashimi bar. So... I am not eating meat I did however eat fish this evening.... I mean... it was by birthday judge away.  So the food was awesomely amazing.  However it was a bit hoity toity for my liking if I am honest.  Like I said the food was amazing.  But.... it was also amazingly slow.  The whole restaurant seats about 25 people.  And I would say 90% of the food is raw. So I just think that for 5 people to eat and it takes 3.5 hours is maybe a bit much?  

But who am I to judge.  In the end the food was really good and as I am sure you can see from a few pictures it was beautiful.  But we were supposed to meet some people at the bar afterwards and to say that we were a bit late is an understatement.  Our dinner reservations were for 7:30 and we made it to the bar at about 11:15.  So... yeah it was a lengthy process.  But it was had in excellent company so that was great!  Maybe next time we will just stick with a bit less fancy food. 

This was the dessert by the way and it was pretty incredible.  Coconut ice cream, mango sorbet thing.... chocolate pieces..... it was yum.

Ok so in other news.... I am doing well!  I found out that I have two weeks holiday so I need to get on planning that.  Maybe South America.... maybe somewhere else in Asia I have not been?  I don't know yet.  Something awesome though for sure!  

Mainly I have been trying to be positive and surround myself with positive people.  I know it sounds cheesy but I realized that a few of my friends were (as my brother put it) a hole that was sucking up some of the fun.  And it's kind of true.  Introspection is good, but too much isn't and at some point you need to just live life and stop worrying about it.  I am working on doing this but when I have people around me who can not do that either it tends to bring me down.  It sucks because I do care about them and I want everything to go well for them but at the same time you can only try and be supportive for so long.  

Rant rant.  Anyway.  I am good.  I have been working out a lot lately which makes me feel good about myself and about life and I am enjoying work because I am getting to learn new things at the moment.  So all is well happy birthday to me.  Lets hope for a good year! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Quickets of updates

Not too much to report at the moment.  Just trying to settle into Boston which it seems, is a pretty nice city!
Last week I saw ‘Moonrise Kingdom,’ the new Wes Anderson film, here near Boston Commons.  I really loved it.  I know his movies are not everyone’s cup of tea.  But I really love how stylized they are and how everything is so planned out.  It’s like a picture book.  Every detail in place and every detail thought out.  Much of the movie is actually pretty quiet with little to no dialogue. 

I like all of the quirky details and I like that all of the books have titles and I like that you can watch his movies over and over again and pick out different things. 

And I like that he went to UT.  Yeah!

What else have I done this week?  I started taking a barre class.  It’s kind of a mixture of yoga, pilates, and ballet.  And it’s super hard!  I am enjoying it though and it is so nice to have something besides work to schedule my life around.  If I continue to enjoy it there is another studio in DC.

And I had a life chat with my boss yesterday.  And I agreed with him to stay on the tour for now.  There have been many departmental reorganizations as of late.  My boss left and we got a new boss, we hired a third person and then he got transferred to another department.  So at the moment it’s just the two of us.  

So… yeah.  And I feel like I am selling out by staying for a while!  I do I do I do.  But here is the upside of staying:  We are about to be closer to my home which is nice because it means that I can go home for the weekend.  I am finishing another class so I can be completely certified.  And yeah, it’s super easy to save some money.  PLUS this show is only stateside until about Feb 2013 and then it goes to Canada.  At the moment I have no interest in going there with it.  So there is a departure date set already it seems. 
So yeah meanwhile I have some tickets to Russia to figure out and some vacation time to use.  But all in time all in time. 

Also… it’s my birthday next week which means I am turning 30!  Holy shit how did that happen?  How scary is that?  Not so scary and super scary at the same time.  When I get all emo I start thinking about how I am 30 and yeah, completely lost.  And how most of my friends are married with kids and “lives”.  A buddy of mine turned to me the other day and said, so do you think with people like us…. We will just be alone forever?  OUCH!  I would hope not.  But yeah probably.  Not that it’s a horrible thing.  I just never thought about it like that.  I don’t want to start a rant about marriage and kids… I will save it for next time. 
Anyway…. Ramble ramble ramble.  Gotta run and do super important circus business.  More soon.



Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boston... again

See look at that... two posts in one week.  I'm getting better.  Not a whole lot to report but I will do it from a photo... what's on my phone kind of thing for ya!

After a super long set up a beer was most welcome.  This is actually Nate's but I thought he could use a happy face. 

I have had a few questions about some things that I do on a daily basis... this is what I did this morning!  So you take this chemistry lab rack thing.... that has lots of pyrex on it.  Then you break apart about 40 highlighters of various colors.  Then you color the water!  Highlighters actually work the best!  Better than UV dye better than powder pigments!  And then it glows super super well under UV light!  How bout that!!!!  These are actually played as a musical instrument during one part of the show.  So they are all tuned with different amounts of water and then he plays them with a bow, and little sticks that he hits against them like drums.  kinda cool right?

So yesterday I went to this ice cream festival charity event.... You pay $10 for entry and then you eat as much ice cream as you can/want.  There were about 10 stands set up from differnt dairies.  Everything from Ben and Jerry's to local mom and pop shops.  Each stand has about 3 different scoops.... so yeah.... I tasted about 30 flavors of ice cream!   I was just taking bites of most of them but my buddy I went with was eating the whole mini scoop. So after about 30 minutes I think I had about 8 scoops of ice cream and I think he had about 17!  SO INSANE.  Needless to say that I didnt eat anything else last night and I felt super sick.  Had to walk for about 2 hours before I felt like it was safe to stop moving and that I wasnt going to throw up!  Ugh.  But really good at the same time.

During our walk we found the make way for duckings statue.... its supposedly a big deal.  I'll get back to you on why.

And now it's super late and I need to go to bed.  But more to come I promise. 

xoxo K

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back again!

Welcome to Boston!

I got here a couple of days ago and it's been running running running like a crazy person since then!  San Diego was a whirl wind of a city!

Party because we were only there for a month.  Party because there was so much going on while we were there, partly because I had a car and thus was constantly running around in it.  It made me miss having a car and made me so thankful that I have spent most of my adult life in cities where I don't need a car at the same time!

So now I am back on the east coast! We started set up yesterday.  IN the rain.  Pouring pouring rain.  I have pretty good rain gear so I didn't mind too much... However working with your arms up in the rain means rivers flowing down to your armpits.  Which equals a pretty soaked cold girl at the end of the day.

Today, I leave for site in about half an hour and then we put up the big top and start building the set for the show. 

We will be here until August 5th.  So hopefully I will get to travel a bit during that time.  I have a few trips to NY planned to visit some friends etc. 

In other news... I finished my final paper for the course I was doing.  Which means I am waiting to hear on the results but hopefully should all go well, I will have passed with flying colors.  Fingers crossed!!!

One day at a time.  I will write more soon.  Promise.

Until then....
Rabbit coffee from my favorite coffee shop in HK, or one of them.  AMAZING!  How can you be sad when your coffee greets you like this?