Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boston... again

See look at that... two posts in one week.  I'm getting better.  Not a whole lot to report but I will do it from a photo... what's on my phone kind of thing for ya!

After a super long set up a beer was most welcome.  This is actually Nate's but I thought he could use a happy face. 

I have had a few questions about some things that I do on a daily basis... this is what I did this morning!  So you take this chemistry lab rack thing.... that has lots of pyrex on it.  Then you break apart about 40 highlighters of various colors.  Then you color the water!  Highlighters actually work the best!  Better than UV dye better than powder pigments!  And then it glows super super well under UV light!  How bout that!!!!  These are actually played as a musical instrument during one part of the show.  So they are all tuned with different amounts of water and then he plays them with a bow, and little sticks that he hits against them like drums.  kinda cool right?

So yesterday I went to this ice cream festival charity event.... You pay $10 for entry and then you eat as much ice cream as you can/want.  There were about 10 stands set up from differnt dairies.  Everything from Ben and Jerry's to local mom and pop shops.  Each stand has about 3 different scoops.... so yeah.... I tasted about 30 flavors of ice cream!   I was just taking bites of most of them but my buddy I went with was eating the whole mini scoop. So after about 30 minutes I think I had about 8 scoops of ice cream and I think he had about 17!  SO INSANE.  Needless to say that I didnt eat anything else last night and I felt super sick.  Had to walk for about 2 hours before I felt like it was safe to stop moving and that I wasnt going to throw up!  Ugh.  But really good at the same time.

During our walk we found the make way for duckings statue.... its supposedly a big deal.  I'll get back to you on why.

And now it's super late and I need to go to bed.  But more to come I promise. 

xoxo K

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