Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Turning 30!

Yeah so that happened!  I will post some photos soon once I hook up my camera etc.

But I had a nice time with friends.  Celebrations started on Sunday with an after work BBQ (not for me but because Sunday the 24th was Jean-Baptiste Day so all the Quebec'ers were happy).  So we had a BBQ and then went to a bar in cambridge.  Super nice place with super friendly bar tenders who were.... rather liberal in their pours.  To the result of a kind of amazing evening with a rather tender head the next day.  


My actual birthday started with a rainy morning and some friends and I went to this place called Blunch for uh... Brunch?  Anyway.  It's a pretty awesome sandwich shop.  This isn't mine, I'm still not eating meat!   But they were all pretty awesome sandwiches and absolutely helped with the headaches felt by all! !

For dinner some of my best friends and I went to dinner.  We decided to get all dressed up because we rarely get the chance to do so.  
So we got all fancied up and headed to Uni.  A super post sashimi bar. So... I am not eating meat I did however eat fish this evening.... I mean... it was by birthday judge away.  So the food was awesomely amazing.  However it was a bit hoity toity for my liking if I am honest.  Like I said the food was amazing.  But.... it was also amazingly slow.  The whole restaurant seats about 25 people.  And I would say 90% of the food is raw. So I just think that for 5 people to eat and it takes 3.5 hours is maybe a bit much?  

But who am I to judge.  In the end the food was really good and as I am sure you can see from a few pictures it was beautiful.  But we were supposed to meet some people at the bar afterwards and to say that we were a bit late is an understatement.  Our dinner reservations were for 7:30 and we made it to the bar at about 11:15.  So... yeah it was a lengthy process.  But it was had in excellent company so that was great!  Maybe next time we will just stick with a bit less fancy food. 

This was the dessert by the way and it was pretty incredible.  Coconut ice cream, mango sorbet thing.... chocolate pieces..... it was yum.

Ok so in other news.... I am doing well!  I found out that I have two weeks holiday so I need to get on planning that.  Maybe South America.... maybe somewhere else in Asia I have not been?  I don't know yet.  Something awesome though for sure!  

Mainly I have been trying to be positive and surround myself with positive people.  I know it sounds cheesy but I realized that a few of my friends were (as my brother put it) a hole that was sucking up some of the fun.  And it's kind of true.  Introspection is good, but too much isn't and at some point you need to just live life and stop worrying about it.  I am working on doing this but when I have people around me who can not do that either it tends to bring me down.  It sucks because I do care about them and I want everything to go well for them but at the same time you can only try and be supportive for so long.  

Rant rant.  Anyway.  I am good.  I have been working out a lot lately which makes me feel good about myself and about life and I am enjoying work because I am getting to learn new things at the moment.  So all is well happy birthday to me.  Lets hope for a good year! 

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