Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why hello there

It's been a good long while since I posted here.

Everything has changed!  So I guess I have some updating to do huh?

I left Cirque on February 3rd. 

It was a sad goodbye.  I cried and cried and cried when I left. 

I had such a good time touring with Totem and they were such an amazing circus family. 

So I packed up my little red car with all of my belongings and was on my way to the great unknown.
Little Red Car with Everything I own in the trunk

And I was on my way to move to Denver.  Well that was the plan anyway.... I went to visit some friends in Asheville NC and while I was there I decided to take an intensive first aid course.  While there I met some people who told me that their company was hiring.  They work for a wilderness therapy program.

Soooo I ended up forfeiting the plans to go to Denver and instead moved to Asheville, North Carolina. And I started trying to do all the things that one must do when they come off tour and move into a new flat.  You know... buy a bed, curtains, cups, forks.... all that nonsense. 

And then I started my new job as a field instructor with a wilderness therapy program based out of the blue ridge mountains. 

These are a few of the places I call home now.  So the way that my program works is that I am working with some teenagers who have gotten themselves into trouble and have been send into the woods with us.  We backpack and hike and cook over fires and all the rest.  And they are there anywhere between 8-15 weeks.  I go into the field for a week at a time.  So my schedule looks like a week on and a week off. 

I'll tell yall more about the specifics of the job in the near future.  Suffice to say that I do love it.  It feels like for the first time in a long time I am doing something that matters with a capital M.

Let's see... what else.  I went to a part dressed as a deer...

 Which was a lot of fun and a good.... look I can make friends in this new town kind of thng.  I often feel a great deal of social anxiety when surrounded by a lot of new people.  And this has been true here as well.  I have always worked and played with the same people so being thrown into a completely social group has been hard.

I am not sure why really.  I have never really had a problem making friends or meeting people but I still get anxious when I have to do these kinds of things. 

So at the moment I am trying to figure out what is next for me.  Well, actually at THIS very moment I am sitting in Boulder CO.  Why?  A boy... always a boy.  Ha.

I met a boy in NC.  He moved to CO for grad school.  He's kind of a big deal... to me.  And yeah I am here for two weeks visiting.  It's both super nice to be here and also super hard. 

Again, a future blog will be dedicated to this 'relationship' stuff.  But this particular entry is more of a general overview.  So yes, I am involved in a somewhat complicated and somewhat serious and somewhat sad relationship.  Shock horror right!! 

And.... I am entertaining the idea of going back on tour.  With the Circus.  Maybe abroad.

I interviewed for a job about a week ago.  For a show that is going to Japan.  I am hopeful but not at all expecting to get it.  We will see.  Many things on the horizon.  Many things to write about. 

I shall begin tomorrow with the individual topics. 

Until then.... xoxo

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