Monday, October 10, 2011

In Cambodia.... innit

Hey sorry for the lack of any kind of warnings or anything like that!  I kinda just took off I guess.  What's a girl to do when stuff gets too crazy?  Fly the coop to Cambodia of course.  I have a few more days here but I was getting annoying work emails etc so had to jump onto the interwebs for a few minutes and thought I should catch up for a second with you guys!

It's rainy season so I am not missing too much at the moment.  Had to come home from temple tours to dry off.  However I did very very very much enjoy exploring ancient ruins in the pouring rain because guess what... all those other suckers go home!  Ha ha ha!  Photos to come.

Also had a bath with an elephant the other day.  That was awesome as well.

And at the same time I am finding it hard to be here a bit.... partly because what is going on with me, and partly because this country is heartbreaking.  Such poverty.... watching toddlers play in garbage on the street with their mom is terrible... and terribly sad.

Anyway.... back to happy for the moment.  Elephants are awesome and getting cheeky kisses from local pachyderms is tops for sure.

I'll be back in HK late Thursday night so I will talk to you all then.