Friday, December 16, 2011

Just checking in

Time passes so strangely here!

Running running running and still not getting anywhere!

I've been dealing with some not too fun stuff lately (as can be observed by my new daily "breakfast cocktail" YUCK!!!) but I am hoping that it will sort itself out before too long... um... to be incredibly vague.  Yeah.

Our city run is about over which means it's time to pack up all my belongings and move!  Packing sucks!  Why am I living a wandering life when I hate hate hate packing and unpacking yet I have to do it every month and a half.  Damn,,,. 

I would say I am 2/3 of the way done.  At this point I just need the bags to make it to Florida, and I have a week to sort stuff out there.  Also way behind on classes which means that while I am hope wanting to spend family time.... I'll need to duck out and do some electronic time too.  Which means I will be neglecting you!

Rest assured.... I will let you know about Ecuador with lots and lots of photos and then the move to London!

Ok... that's my 5 minute alarm... that's all I allowed myself for this one.  Yep, time is THAT tight around here.

In other news... I cut off all my hair again.  I was asked.... Amalie inspired?  Perhaps maybe?  But her's is much shorter.  You can decide. 

Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye!!


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