Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tickets are booked!

Tickets are officially booked!

Dates for all you other wanderlusters like me so we can visit, chat, have a cup of coffee, beer, vino, or just hugs:

Here in SF until Dec 20 though growing more unreachable every day so if you need any of the above... call me!
Dec 21- 26 Back in FL mostly for family time but I will see some of you at Black Dog right?  Save me a seat outside!
Dec 26- Jan 3 Ecuador.  Paddling my butt and shoulder off.... Lets hope I finish up in one piece!
Jan 3-5 Paris - Tu me manques!
Jan 5- mid Feb - LONDON.  So many people to see so few days off.  FYI my day off is Monday so if we should hang out, clear your Monday!  

Let me know when you will be around!  I can't wait to see everyone. 



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