Saturday, January 19, 2013

The hard choice?

So I have about 2 weeks left here with my show in Miami!

And then I am off!

I have some freelance work lined up to do afterwards in Denver.  And I was seriously considering and looking forward to trying out the whole.... regular life kind of thing.  You know, apartment, rent, bills, books, art, friends, regular coffee place, etc.  That stuff. 

But then... these OTHER jobs became available.  A few teaching jobs outside of Tokyo, and two other jobs with Cirque doing props. 

And I applied for them.  And even as I did so I thought... what am I doing?  Do I really want to be on the road for another year... gluing stuff to other stuff.  Fixing things... working too many hours and probably still having no life...  But it's so easy!  It's so easy to stay with the company and to continue to do exactly what I'm doing now.

Which is funny right?  That the easy choice--in my world--is working for the traveling circus.  And the hard choice is working in a bookshop or something.  That is so random and weird but just how the cards have fallen.

So what.... apply for the jobs and see what happens.  and should I get one of them.  The focus must turn to what happens after?  Be it going back to school online or whatnot... and securing something less mobile and more permanent for after. 

Or maybe I will finish up here and go to Denver and do some freelance stuff and love it and never leave.  Who knows.

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