Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bowaston and Brooklyn

 Hello hello hello!  Sorry sorry sorry!  AGAIN!  I have been busy wrapping things up in Boston!  We are here for about a week and a half longer and though I have a bunch of friends in the DC area I will miss Boston and I am not totally excited to go to DC.  HOWEVER.. I do have some fantastic friends in DC so that should be epic and fun.  I have just had a good time here and Boston was a good place to spend the summer. 

I took this picture while having dinner the other night.  No edits... just a pretty sunset.

And then I went to NYC last week to catch up with some friends from Macau of all places.  There were a few people visiting and a lot of people working and it turned into a mini reunion.  So fun.  3 of stayed at my friend Dave's.  He is working on the Cirque show at Radio City and his place is STUNNING!  The most amazing views!  Anyway he has a one bedroom place and Emily and I shared the bed and Dave and Andrew  shared the couch.  Maybe a bit tight but we all made it work.  So lovely to catch up with people!  I actually went to Brooklyn to get a tattoo by the lovely Seth Wood at Saved Tattoo.  He's awesome, and super nice!  Their studio space is really lovely and literally everythng that I saw that was being worked on or was coming out of the shop was lovely!

 See?  He's a dapper fox!  This is right after, I will try and remember to post some photos in another week or so once it's completely healed.  But yeah.  Those purple colors are not really there, just the light blue.  Bruising, yuck!

Anyway after talking to Seth and seeing the size etc I was expecting to be there for a while.  But he is super quick!  This whole thing took just over 2.5 hours.  My appt was at noon, and after some resketching, resizing, more resizing, tattooing photos etc and clean up... I was leaving completely done at 3:30.  I was amazed.  

In other news Boston has been super hot and I have been doing lots of sanding which means I look something like this:
 I will try and do another post from Boston and then one as soon as I get to DC. 




  1. thanks for keeping us up to date. Did you see Quincy?

  2. yes emily and I had dinner with Quincy and Catherine in NYC. It was lovely. Isnt he there with you guys now?