Monday, July 30, 2012

Kishi Bashi and Tall Tall trees

So last night I had the immense pleasure of going to see Kishi Bashi.  So amazing.  Seriously this guy blows my mind.

His music makes me so happy.  And he is just so incredibly talented it's unreal.

Anyway here is the story:

We got to The Great Scott where the bands were playing at about 9:30 and the first opening band was on.  It's a great venue in Boston and kind of small and intimate but still holding a good number of people.  We set up camp kind of farther back had a couple of drinks and watched some of the swimming as the music played.

After a while some ppl from the circus came and joined us.  Josh, our guitar player came with his wife, and Umi one of our acrobats from Japan came as well.  At this point they were actually sold out but turns out Josh used to live with the guy in Tall Tall Trees (opening band #2) so they got in!  So we are sitting around having a drink and whatnot and we see this older Japanese guy kind of sitting in the corner.  Umi goes up and starts talking to him and lo and behold it's K Ishibashi's dad!  So he comes over and starts chatting with us.  He lives in VA now but was born and grew up in Okinawa.  So I had this kind of surreal moment of talking to him about that.  And then he asked my name and when I said Keiko he was super surprised.  K's wife is also called Keiko but you don't run into many blue eyed Keiko's.

Anyway back to the point.  Tall Tall Trees was awesome.  He played the banjo and I kid you not this guy is amazing!!  Such good energy and I bet he sounds amazing recorded.. I can't wait to find out!  Just so..... good.

Then Kishi Bashi took the stage and it was nothing short of one of the best shows I have ever seen.  Just super amazing music played by one man.

Without sounding super cheesy... the sense of having music washed over you.... was fantastic.  He covered a Beirut cover as well that was just amazing.  I literally can not say enough good things.

I've put some of his music below but he is even better live.  Please go support this guy and if he is playing in your area go see him.

His music just makes me so happy.  Literally impossible for me to frown if I hear it.  On my ipod for whenever I am having a bad day.  OK ok enough gushing!

This is my last weekend in Boston and I have three days off.  I am spending the rest of this morning packing and then have some errands to do so that hopefully I can enjoy the last two days here before the madness of moving and then DC!


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