Thursday, August 2, 2012

Final weekend in Boston

I had a super nice long weekend in Boston.  It was the last one so I am glad that it went well!  I have to say... I was mildly skeptical about loving this city.... and I don't think that it is a place I would ever really like to live, but visiting and staying for a summer has been super fun. 

So I am in the middle of packing up all my stuff.... for people not on tour, can you imagine all of your belongings fitting into three bags?  Yep, all of them.  And then each city I unpack everything and try to make whatever place I am staying be it a hotel or an apartment feel a bit more.... homey.  For me, that means having fabric covering most flat surfaces, having a candle burning, and having art stuff out.  But it's a balance between the ease of packing and 'having stuff'.  In DC we will be staying in a Residence Inn which basically means a little studio appt.  So maybe I will show you what my living space looks like.

So... what I did this weekend.  On Monday Dave and JoAnn and I walked around Boston.  We went to go get lunch and then walked loads through the commons and through the public gardens to get frozen yogurt.

Then on Tuesday after my barre class JoAnn picked me up and we went for a little drive that had us ending up at a really beautiful sculpture garden and then we went to Walden Pond.  I felt like I was back in North Carolina.  What a beautiful place!  The pond (I would call it a lake) was clear and so warm.  We were inspired and stripped and went swimming for a while before it started raining and the sun went down so we got cold.

Being in very beautiful natural places makes me very happy.  It's a weird thing sometimes because being in big cities also makes me happy and those things don't really go together at all.  I have often wondered how I will find peace between those needs.... the need to be somewhere naturally beautiful and the need to be somewhere big with things going on.

I am not sure yet....  the quest continues.

OK I have to pack... must must must!!!

 We also went to this super cute farm and community gardens where I met a cute goat and saw loads of beautiful flowers.

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