Thursday, August 23, 2012

So I have been in DC for a short while and tried to settle a bit.   However I think when living in a hotel one can only settle so much... because you're in a hotel and the windows don't open and the area you are living in is way less than 'homey'.

I have had a day off where I was pretty tired from set up but did some site seeing etc.

Trying to save lots of money this city since I will be in Berlin after this.  But so many amazing museums!

So while in Berlin I am also doing a photoshoot with some ppl which is making me kind of nervous.... I just don't want to feel uncomfortable with myself at all.  So to get ready for that I have been hitting the gym and trying to be conscious for the most part.  Yesterday I totally overdid it however.... my hip flexors are so sore walking is.... an effort.  Yuck!  So here's hoping that subsides.

And all this week so far I have been busy doing trainings for work which has been boring but necessary I suppose.   So back to finish that up and then to today's show.

So yeah, sorry it's been brief.  But yes, I am alive and well.... just busy as always.


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