Monday, September 3, 2012

Holiday Plans

Sometimes I find planning holidays so hard.  Just because I want to do everything and I want to see everything!

I am headed to Berlin in October for a week which will be fun.

And then I have two weeks off in November/December!

Well... kind of....

See the thing is that at the start and end of that trip I must be in Hong Kong for some super secret spy training and whatnots.  But I have a week off in the middle.  And there are just so many ideas and choices!!!

The two top front runners at the moment are Borneo vs Burma.  I have been to Borneo before but when I went I stayed in the NE part in Kota Kinabalu and I want to go to the SW part in the jungles with nothing but nature and monkeys and explore that.

Burma is interesting because it's just opening up really.  You have to be careful about how you spend your money so that you are not giving all your cash to the gov't.  But it can totally be done.  Right now though... Just trying to plan it out to give me the most for my time.

But on the horizon is Berlin!  Yeah!!!  So excited.   Like 30 sleeps til Berlin and 80 til Hong Kong.

Lets go!

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