Friday, September 28, 2012

Sick.... Gross

Hey kids.

I'm sick.  I seem to have caught this moster cold that just makes me feel fluish and icky and gross.  I've basically spent the past 2 days in bed drinking tons of juice and trying to sort it to no avail.  Bleh. 

Not a lot has gone on this week!  I cut and bleached my hair...

 So that's fun!  I was tired.... and decided to go back to being blonde again.  I kind of missed it.  So... yeah.  It was funny to show up at work today because not many people here have seen me blonde before.... so they wee a bit shocked!  And the cut is awesome... similar to the last time I got it done but shorter on the sides because I think in some attempt to regain some youth I have really enjoyed being a bit punkier and wearing a kind of fauxhawk.  Who the hell am I?

 But see it's not so different to how my hair was last year at least in color... This was taken on my 29th birthday when we took a collective trip to Fun Ice World.  Because... that existed.

Other than that.... I have been reading a lot.  And writing a fair amount.  And really enjoying it.  Remember the good old days... back when shit was real?  When I thought I wanted to be a writer or an editor?  Yeah.  Well I don't want that anymore but I do really enjoy writing and reading and reading about writing and writing about reading.

There is something deeply satisfying about sitting down and really expressing myself clearly on paper. Or e-paper?  anyway... I have been playing with some short story ideas and working on a few concepts.  For nothing but my own enjoyment.  And I like it. 

I'm also working on Christmas gifts.  Look at me so forward thinking!  But art is usually a great gift but it takes time.  So trying to finish that up for everyone. 

And... thats about it.  Trying to plan for holidays.  Not so much for Berlin.  But to go back to Asia.  Ill be in HK for a few days and then in Burma... and then back in HK.  More to come on that!!

Miss you love you.


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