Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Welcome to DC!

Well I made it! 

Today was Day 1 of set up.  And it was brutal!!!

Not the work so much, it was the same as usual.  But it was about 90 out today so that just takes all the energy out of you! 

There was a problem with one of the motors so they couldn't put the big top masts up today which was a bit of a bummer because it means that my call time will be moved from 1pm to 10am tomorrow.  But 'll make it!

This city is unique to me because we are staying in hotels instead of in apartments.  I know I know you think that must be bad right?  Actually so far I am really liking it!

We are in the residence inn which means that I have a little living area and a kitchen with a full sized fridge and a 2top burner.  So it's kind of a like a little studio apartment and I like it!  I mean I could do without the whole living in a hotel and seeing people I work with constantly.  But I love having a little space that is just mine.  And I can listen to my music and walk around in my underwear without anyone caring!

Anyway.  This week is very busy and I will write again soon once I can actually do something interesting.  Just trying to stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay sane in the heat!  Tempers tend to run shorter in the heat.... so let's all just hang in there!

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