Friday, January 27, 2012

Breaking stuff!

So sorry kiddies!  It's been too long I know!

And this will not do anything justice I am afraid!  I have been uber busy with work and the like here in London town.  But many things to report and lots of phots have been taken.

I am off early tomorrow so I PROMISE to upload more of them on here ok?

For now... rest assured that all is well.  Just lots and lots and lots of hours spent at work.  And I was in Copenhagen for the weekend.  How cold fun is that?  And that my friends, is what I will leave you with an image of today...

I am sorry!  I will try to not be so lame in the future.  Tomorrow.  Real time.

And yes I have prettier ones that make it look less dreary!  But don't be fooled kids... it IS a LITTLE dreary.


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