Monday, January 30, 2012

Future plan poll!!!!

Future Ideas:

As I mentioned I've been thinking about what's next.  Here are some possible ideas... stay with me... they are still loosely in the workings....

1.Trans Siberian Railway -

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while.  To be more specific I would like to do the trans Mongolian railway.  Though my circus travels I have met quite a few people who have given me tips and advice and I think it would be an awesome trip.  When else will I be able to spend a month on a train and take loads and loads of pictures?  And stop in some pretty beautiful places as well!

2. Kayaking -

I've always loved boating.  I've done it since I was a little girl and I used to be pretty good at it.  It's something that makes me very happy.  This trip to Ecuador was really inspiring and enlightening.  It got me thinking that if I tried... If I devoted myself to it... I could spend 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, and get really good at it.  If nothing else it would be an experiment to see how good at it I could be.  I don't want to be in the 'insanely good' category.  But I would like to be a competent and confident class IV boater.  And I think I could make it happen! 

3. Hong Kong

And with this option we move into the teaching part of the plan.  I have just finished my TEFL certificate (teaching English as a foreign language).  And I think this is a pretty viable more long term option.  Also this is the option that allows me to have the things that I am missing currently…. You know… all that MY stuff.  It’s not having THINGS that I think is important… let me make that clear.  It’s having a space that belongs to me and me alone. 

Hong Kong is great because it can be pretty much whatever you want it to be.  You can be surrounded by locals and be the only gweilo in town.  And that evening if you so choose you can go into central and go to any kind of restaurant or bar.  There are islands with amazing seafood, and if you go about an hour north there is great hiking, sea kayaking, and you're the only person for miles. I have a couple of friends there already... and heaps of friends in Macau.  

4. Seoul - 

Same same but different.  Still teaching.  But in Seoul.  I've never been, so it would be someplace new.  But I am not 100% convinced that Korea is the place to be at the moment!  But I do have a few friends here already which is always helpful when moving to a new gig.

5. Osaka -

Again, same same but different.  One big difference about Osaka is that I don't know anyone there.  I've visited.. briefly.  And I am told that it's a pretty beautiful place or that it can be... but this one is for sure a little bit of a shot in the dark!!

6. Keep working for the circus.

At this point maybe not an option.  And certainly not one that I am leaping at presently.  But yeah... what do you think.  It's a good job, and steady, and with benefits. 

So there are some of the life choices I have been thinking about as of late.  As I have been telling people about these ideas in real life they have generally expressed some interest and 'voted' one way or another.

SO here is a poll for you.  Place your votes.  Don't worry I won't base any decisions on the outcome!  :) Just for giggles!  

No matter what... it's exciting right!!


  1. Come to Seoul chica! We will fix you up nicely! And it would be AWESOME to get to hang with you again. Sallie says she seconds the vote. Can we vote twice? x

  2. Where is the 'move to western NC' option? I miss you chica. But these all sound good. Why do you get to do all these cool things? You know so many people will never do ANY of these things right? You got that? And who is this OTHER James. You are only allowed to be friends with one James. That's me. Miss ya girl.

  3. How amazing that you are both called James, and that you both always call me chica. Wait are you sure you don't know each other? Don't worry I miss you BOTH! And tell Sall that no matter what I am planning to come visit if I take any of the options that take me back to Asia. Miss y'all!

  4. Dump the Cirque du So-lame!!!
    I voted for Hong Kong as a reflex but Seoul looks pretty sweet to, I must admit!! You can get there with the Trans Siberian Express and Kayak down through North Korea all the way to Seoul!

    That's what I say!!!!

  5. Honkey Kong!!! All the way. We never got to see enough of you when you were in ma-cow!! Honkey kong

  6. I just want you to be happy. We do have some old friends in Osaka, in case you go there. Just make sure you have a guest room. Keep me posted and E.T. please phone home.xoxoxo

  7. It must be pretty nice to float through life without any worries or troubles like the rest of us who have mortgages, kids, tuitions, car payments, student loans. Do you ever worry about anything miss keiko except what stamp you will e getting next in your passport.

    Sorry I don't mean to sound like an ass, I just don't understand this generation of people who are ne'er satisfied and just keep wanting more more more. Spoiled rich kid syndrome? Maybe you are not a spoiled rich kid. Maybe you're just a pretty girl who doesn't have any real problems but likes the idea of having problems.

    And why would you quit your job? Your job that you worked so hard to get. Your job that is awesome. You get paid lots of money to travel and see things. I think you're throwing it all away just to have something be hard. Grow up a little bit.

  8. I think you should take off for a few months and do lots of boaty outdoors sporty stuff, then take the trans siberian to China and then come back to HONKERS! That would be amazing. Like what that electric guy said up there, but end in HK not in seoul and don't kayak in N korea! You know that if you go to N Korea you must have an escort wherever you go right? yuck! So like what that dude said but end in HK!!! love you!

  9. So much feedback! Thanks kids! At the moment HK is leading with 22 and Trans Siberian second with 10. I highly suspect some of you of double voting though!

    Mr Anon. For not meaning to sound like an ass... well. You are right my job is awesome, I just don't love it. I am not sure what you wanted to accomplish here. We all have problems. My mom has always told me that I am chasing the rainbow... that I will never settle. And she is probably right. I don't think that's a bad thing. What's the point of doing anything if you are not happy? I would never throw any of my experiences away. But yeah, I leave things to go and do other things that I think will make me happy. I stress over those decisions and while you may find them petty... I don't. If reading that frustrates you in any way, I encourage you to not read it.

  10. Is that guy for real??? Really for real??? Tell me you know him Keiko and it's just a joke!!! Cuz if you don't know him you should definitely have an anti-douche on your comments and check them before you post them!!! I can't believe someone trying to make their lives better automatically makes this douche think they must be some sort of spoiled brat with no problems??

    Enough said... He posted under Anonymous for a reason!

    P.s. I might vote again... Maybe for what that Sara girl said... Trans > HK...

    Miss ya!

  11. Can I write in a vote for Austin? We miss you. I guess everyone misses you very where by the looks of these comments though! You come, make us all fall in love with you here and then leave! At the very least you owe us a visit before you head off again ok?

  12. **everywhere not very where.

    Also big hug and kiss from Angela. She says "te amo y muchos besos"

    Wherever you go we will always visit. Except that shithole Macau. X

  13. Thanks guys y'all are awesome. I would love to come and visit ALL of you. Nick, douchebag is for real, I know who he is via his ip address... but yeah. It's ok, if it makes him feel better. I just feel bad that I made people have kids and buy a house. How selfish of me!

    The plan is being formed. I shall let everyone know in the next month! But it's leaning towards trans --> HK!

  14. What now? Are you still coming this way? Everyone is going!!! It's so sad. You should still come, that was the tipping point not the main weight!!! I'll let you know about March tomorrow. I think Josh is here then as well... so it my place might be out... but of course still want to see you! Miss your face!! x