Monday, January 30, 2012

What's up Monday??

Hi kids.  Let’s talk for a minute, I feel like maybe I have been a bit evasive about what I have been thinking and up to as of late.  So how about a real and honest for goodness catch up?
As most of you know for the past three months I have been touring with Totem, a Cirque du Soleil show.  We are currently in London.  I picked up the tour in San Francisco. 
It was and wasn’t a big decision to make the move to this tour.  You know me, incredibly vague.  Nah, I just mean that I was ready to leave Macau and see something new.  So while it was a big change and a big step, it was a little bit of a no brainer at the same time.
That being said, things have not been as awesome here as I would have hoped.  I don’t know exactly what it is… it’s just not me.  And I am not super passionate about my job.  And if I am going to spend 50 hours a week doing anything I feel like I should be passionate about it. 
So… it’s time to make plans again!  I know so soon!  It seems like just yesterday I was planning to come HERE right?  And I am not going anywhere for 3 months but in 3 months my contract is up, and I will need to make a decision.  So that’s what I have been trying to work on lately, the ability to make that decision which requires me to have options, and to plan them out a little bit…
I don’t know that I want to leave the circus forever.  But I think that at the present moment, somewhere there is a better place for me.  It has surprised me how much I have missed and craved having a space that is mine.  A physical space.  To have my bed, my couch, my pillows, my art, hanging from my wall.  How needy does that sound>???  My my my… but it turns out that is super important to me.  So yeah…. Tomorrow… Options. 
Happy Snaps!!  Fun with clown noses!

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