Saturday, January 28, 2012


Here I am, as promised! 

So last week I had a few days off so I went to Copenhagen!  I have a friend working there so I thought we could hang out and while he was working I could explore a bit.  I was warned that I could walk around the whole town and see everything in 4 hours.  I stretched it a bit more than that, but it's pretty small!

I would love to visit in the summertime.  It was a bit cold for me!!  Here are some photos from the trip though:

The light quality was pretty lovely... when it was light that is!   It gets dark at about 4pm and then it got really cold!  Well really cold for a FLorida girl!  -5C?! 

But I had a good time and got to hang out and relax and catch up so it was great.

In other news... I am mega behind in my coursework!  So that's what I am going to do now.  I am super excited about upcoming news and things... I think I can let you know some secrets in about a week?

In the meantime.... I am cold in London drinking far too much coffee, sleeping too few hours, and working too much (13 hours yesterday!!).  Gotta run to Tesco's now for supplies.



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