Sunday, February 26, 2012

Transfer complete

When last we spoke I was in London.  I am now back in sunny CA.  And yeah, it's been crazy sunny and hot for FEB!  It doesn't make for incredibly ideal outdoor working conditions to be outside.  A few sunburnt and dehydrated days later, and set up is almost complete.  The tent is up, the stage is built, and most of the props are in.  Good job!

It's hard work though!  Especially for someone who doesn't like packing.  I hate packing, and I hate unpacking.  Remind me why I decided this was a good idea?

But things have been ok.  I feel like I ave been in my head a lot lately.  Which is maybe why I have not been so present here.  I shall do my best to work on that but all is well and I am fine.



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