Friday, June 15, 2012

Quickets of updates

Not too much to report at the moment.  Just trying to settle into Boston which it seems, is a pretty nice city!
Last week I saw ‘Moonrise Kingdom,’ the new Wes Anderson film, here near Boston Commons.  I really loved it.  I know his movies are not everyone’s cup of tea.  But I really love how stylized they are and how everything is so planned out.  It’s like a picture book.  Every detail in place and every detail thought out.  Much of the movie is actually pretty quiet with little to no dialogue. 

I like all of the quirky details and I like that all of the books have titles and I like that you can watch his movies over and over again and pick out different things. 

And I like that he went to UT.  Yeah!

What else have I done this week?  I started taking a barre class.  It’s kind of a mixture of yoga, pilates, and ballet.  And it’s super hard!  I am enjoying it though and it is so nice to have something besides work to schedule my life around.  If I continue to enjoy it there is another studio in DC.

And I had a life chat with my boss yesterday.  And I agreed with him to stay on the tour for now.  There have been many departmental reorganizations as of late.  My boss left and we got a new boss, we hired a third person and then he got transferred to another department.  So at the moment it’s just the two of us.  

So… yeah.  And I feel like I am selling out by staying for a while!  I do I do I do.  But here is the upside of staying:  We are about to be closer to my home which is nice because it means that I can go home for the weekend.  I am finishing another class so I can be completely certified.  And yeah, it’s super easy to save some money.  PLUS this show is only stateside until about Feb 2013 and then it goes to Canada.  At the moment I have no interest in going there with it.  So there is a departure date set already it seems. 
So yeah meanwhile I have some tickets to Russia to figure out and some vacation time to use.  But all in time all in time. 

Also… it’s my birthday next week which means I am turning 30!  Holy shit how did that happen?  How scary is that?  Not so scary and super scary at the same time.  When I get all emo I start thinking about how I am 30 and yeah, completely lost.  And how most of my friends are married with kids and “lives”.  A buddy of mine turned to me the other day and said, so do you think with people like us…. We will just be alone forever?  OUCH!  I would hope not.  But yeah probably.  Not that it’s a horrible thing.  I just never thought about it like that.  I don’t want to start a rant about marriage and kids… I will save it for next time. 
Anyway…. Ramble ramble ramble.  Gotta run and do super important circus business.  More soon.



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