Sunday, August 21, 2011

Round Two...

Hello Blog. It’s me again.

What has changed since the last blog I kept:
  • I now live in Macau (small SAR outside of Hong Kong)
  • I no longer have plans to get married and move to the UK
  • I work for the Circus and that consumes most of my time
  • My next big adventure is Ecuador
Things that haven’t changed:

  • I’m still reading reading reading and I am sure will have to talk about some of those books here
  • Still traveling as often as possible though this time throughout SE asia instead of Europe
  • Still trying to see the positive in places I go and people I meet and keep my head afloat.
  • Still nerdy.

I am not sure what this will be besides a place to dump some photos/thoughts. But we will see.

I have four minutes with which I can tell you about my day so far today:
I woke up this morning at 8 which is early for me. When I was in HK last Wednesday I bought some awesome coffee which my roomie Em and I made and enjoyed. Yum!! Coffee is one of my favorite things. And ICED coffee is one of my favorites of my favorite things. What I miss is New Orleans Iced coffee though. Proper cold drip coffee and chicory, mmmm!! If I could find a cold drip maker here I would be pretty happy! Anyway….

I walked to work this morning via the village which was spiffing. There is a market on Sundays and I perused a bit, it’s generally tourist junk. There was a funny gilded stall on the end where everything was gold and gold glitter. Very bizarre.

And now I am at work getting ready to do two shows.

More about work tomorrow.

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