Monday, August 22, 2011

Who I am and what I do...

So I have been asked to start a blog. I am sure in the long term my reasons why will become clear but at the moment I am trying to do what I am told.

What shall I explain first... the Coco LeFleur part or the circus part? Let's go in order shall we?

I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin. (Hook'em Horns) My last year there I lived in a big-ole house just off campus. It was a co-op. Yes, I may or may not have been a dirty hippy at some point of life, give me a break. Anyway.... I has just moved back to the states after studying abroad and moved directly into this house. I wasn't told much about my room or roommate only that her name was Danielle and that she was a graduate student type person. Well I showed up just after New Years to an abandoned house to learn that Danielle was actually Dan, as in Daniel. I then learned that Dan had known about my coming but when asked by my other housemates about me he couldn't quite remember my name and thus Coco LeFleur was born. Aparently Coco is a French foreign exchange student.

When I moved from Austin to London somehow the name followed for a bit and now it's always a backup funny pen name etc that reminds me of sitting on front porch swings late at night playing guitar and drinking micro brews.

As for the circus.... 2 years ago I ran away and joined the circus. Real Time. I work for Cirque du Soleil in Macau now in the props department and all its fun and glory!

Briefly what I did today: airbrushed things neon UV green all day. If I were on CSI they would arrest me for sure! To give you an idea... This photo was taken after about 20 minutes.

I worked in the spray booth today for 7 hours. Literally my entire body glows with a cartoon neon radioactive green tint.

And my interesting fact/question for the day? On the subject of radioactivity... why is it always pictured as glowing green? It irks me a bit if I am honest. Why you ask?

Well... because generally radioactive things don't fluoresce green at all.
One of the first things that was noticed by Marie Curie after producing a test-tube of concentrated radium was its "fairy like glow." It did not glow green, however. It was said to be a bright blue color. Reportedly she even kept a vial of it next to her bed as a kind of night light. So why don't we have radioactive blue? huh huh huh???

OK kids, bedtime for me. Tomorrow I am off to Hong Kong for three whole days off! I plan to find an island and sit my butt down in the sun for a bit and hopefully find some non polluted water to swim in.



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