Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eye Spy...

I just had two days off, which was lovely.  I met a few people for brunch at my favorite breakfast spot.  Bowls of coffee?  Gingerbread pancakes?  Yes please!  Then I spent most of the rest of my time walking around the city and getting lost.  Lost in parks, lost in streets, lost in my thoughts, lost in time, lost in culture.  But it was nice. 

I found this this medusa lady, which I thought was halloween worthy!  **funny thing about SF and halloween, it's impossible to tell who is dressed up.

Pumpkins were carved.  Can you guess which one is mine?

Lost in parks, this is a great little one right by my house.  Yummy cafe close by as well so it's pretty tempting to sip coffee and read in the park all day.... basically what I did yesterday.

The view from outside my house while I was on my nighttime run.  Lots of running these days.  It's good.  Being relatively anti social means that I have no excuse not to go running or go work out.  Getting ready for Ecuador.

Off to said yummy coffee place at the moment, I have some time before I start work to read etc.  Then the week begins again.  This week I am learning the show track. 



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