Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Turkey Day... ish

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, well at least those of you who celebrated.  Mine?  Mine was excellent.  My first Thanksgiving on American soil in 8 years!  It was lovely.  I drove about an hour and a half north to be with some family who was down visiting from Seattle.  So nice to see them and spend the day with lovely people and the most food I have seen on one table in perhaps my entire life?!

Things here are still going.  I have off two days in a row this wee which is rare and kind of amazing.  So I am trying to decide what to do.  Should I drive 3 hours north and visit my brother?  Or should I stay and continue to explore San Francisco?  I haven't been taking enough pictures!  I need a photo day for sure!!!

There is this amazing shop in the Mission that's also a writing center.  Anyway, it was founded by Dave Eggers.   Have you read his stuff?  If not, check it out its awesome.  Anyway... so this shop.  It's a pirate shop.  Everything pirate.  But the way its done is really beautiful.  They also have an awesome fish tank.

And they sell things that make good stocking stuffers and cute gifts like beard extensions and this:

Anyway.  I might hang out around the Mission and then head up to visit the next day.... I just can't decide.  So much to think about so much to do.

Thanks for the thoughts!  Yes, I am doing ok.  I don't know if I will ever truly make it in this lifestyle.  But I am so glad to be in SF and I can't wait to go to London!  After that.... we will see!



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