Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When you have two days off and nothing to do...

I did none of the things that I said I was going to do...

I got some x-mas shopping done because I will be home for the first time in quite a few years for xmas.  So yes, it is about time to amp up the consumerism and buy some things... My gifts tend to go one of two ways... either very thoughtful and well considered or silly gag gifts.  Or sometimes a bit of both.  Those of you who have received gifts from me know that right?

Anyway I did a bit of that and then I went into Goodwill and found an awesome cozy sweater.... It's one of my favorite colors... cross between blue and purple... and it's totally not flattering.  It's like a grandpa sweater.  Here!  I found it for you!

And I haven't been feeling as awesome as normal lately so for the bulk of today I sat in this, with leggings and watched movies and worked on a few projects.  I've been having some weird health things lately that just make me feel kind of lousy.  
So I feel a bit guilty for not taking advantage of the day but sometimes you need an inside cozy day right?  And that's allowed in this girl's world.

More interesting things to come soon I hope.


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  1. Hey Missy! Don't feel bad about taking a personal day! And rest assured, yes, you are an excellent gift giver. Feel better kid!