Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things seen this week:

1. Lots of pretensions at the oakland art murmur.

2. A dive bar fully stocked with barbies.  Not a few barbies... lots and lots of barbies.  All Holiday editions of barbies, still in their boxes.  They adorned every wall space, every nook and cranny.

3. Burlesque dancing set to the tune of schoolhouse rock.  Yes as in the following video:

But with girls in g-strings.

4. A piano bar, but with live karaoke.  OH wait add the fact that it was industry night so anyone who fancies themselves a musical theater kid was there with book in hand to jazz hand away.  And THEN the cast of hair came in, and one guy (who used to be on that show queer eye for the straight guy... yeah remember that) sang a song from RENT.  Ever wondered what happened to that guy?  Yeah he's touring around doing regional musical theater. This guy:
It was fun.... for a minute.  But there were entirely too many 'big' personalities in that room at one time. 

5. Too many coffee places to count in the quest to find my favorite.  It might have happened.... I think I found it.

6. Books books books.  Right now reading Geek Love. Which is a book about circus freaks.  Specifically about a family who wants to breed circus freak children, so while the mom is ovulating she takes heaps of drugs, resulting in a dwarf hunchbacked albino, a boy with flippers instead of arms and legs, a set of conjoined twins... etc.  Too early for me to decide if I like it yet but so far it's interesting.

7. That's about it.  More soon.  I'm ok.  Not comfortable yet.... maybe tomorrow.


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