Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011-12 Travel Dates and Plans

So I can catch up with all you amazing people on the West Coast of America and Europe.

  • Oct18-Dec20 San Francisco
    • This is also include a trip to LA and possibly Portland - Dates TBC 
  • Dec20-26 Tallahassee FL
    •  Home to visit the family for a few days and my first x-mas at home in a long time
  • Dec26-Jan03 Ecuador
    •  Kayaking with some of my most favorite people EVER!
  • Jan04-06  Paris
    •   I can't fly to London direct but I can make it to Paris.  Stop and visit a few people for a few days and freeze my butt off!
  • Jan06-Feb15 London

Then: San Jose, Atlanta, Washington DC, Boston, and ending 2012 in NYC.  And then?  We will see if I make it that long on tour.

Can't wait to catch up with everyone!!



  1. Hey there! I found your blog link some where on the ning, and decided to check your blog out...and let's say I'm jealous of this schedule you've got here.

  2. Coco-sure hope you can make it to the gorge-we'd love to see you sometime in the fall. plug that in willya? auntie B

  3. I will do my best Ble. I'll have to look and see when I have a few days off. But probably the best I can do is a day or two in Portland! How far is it from there? Y'all up for a drive and letting your niece take you out for dinner and hanging out?

  4. Well, Kooks, sounds swell. K in E, gay Paris and what not. Best maybe to time your PNW swing with the weather, like pre-Thanksgiving, by which time we're at the mercy of forces not always amicable. Smoked turkey in the gorge, maybe? Your cousins might well come down to see what they've been missing.

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  6. Pre Tanksgiving sounds good! Hope to catch you there! I'd like to see the lil' rugrats! I haven't even met the newest Fox cub yet and he's what... already old enough to vote?