Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long Sleeve Weather FantasySoonToBeReality

I woke up this morning with the realization that soon... my weather and seasons will be changing drastically. And I smiled.

I am soon to be headed for the cooler weather of San Francisco. And though I like bathing suits, the smell of suntan lotion, big sunglasses, painted toenails, and being basically naked most of the time. I love love love long sleeve weather. My favorite weather is in this moment: walking outside in the city, with a lightweight cardigan and scarf, in my riding boots or wedges (the red or yellow ones), with my favorite jeans.... the ones that make you both feel uber comfortable and look amazing as well and they somehow cross the threshold from afternoon to dressy without a problem. That outfit, and you are ever so slightly chilly and would like to be holding a hot drink because the ends of your fingers are ever so cold and you might need to shove them in your pockets. That moment.... that weather.... makes everything better! It makes me want to give people more hugs, both because you appreciate the warmth and it makes them feel better too!! Win win win!

In my current weather, I still hand out lots of hugs, but they are generally sweaty and not as awesome as cold weather hugs. I can not wait!!! Plus I think people just look nicer in colder weather clothes.

PS I am love with her boots. Now is not the time to buy shoes.... Buuutt... I am getting rid of all my sandals. Hmmmmmmm....

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