Saturday, September 10, 2011

And the heros are...

Cambodia and Laos...   Here we come...

Let me introduce you to the travelers:
Name: Richard Craig Booth aka Mr Humphrey aka 'Humph'
Occupation: Travels with the circus as a vet.  Almost completed vet school however dropped out at the last minute due to unknown circumstances.
Weapon: Matchsticks
Special Ability: Sound effects, he can reproduce any sound known to mankind and confuse his enemy... kind of...

Name: Emily Rose aka Jezebel aka Jez, not Jess
Occupation: Circus freak, carny, fire eater, fire twirler, pyromaniac
Weapon: Flaming Lamborghinis
Special Ability: Reading minds and speaking the truth

Name: Keiko Fox LeMon aka Tallulah aka Lu
Occupation: Stripper, Fire Dancer, fire breather, hula hooper
Weapon: Laser beam eyes
Special Ability: The ability to call you out on your bullshit from a mile away

Watch out... the trip is being planned.... only trouble will follow.  Stay tuned.  Humph, Jez, and Lu will be traveling in early October to Cambodia and Laos for a final hurrah before Lu forever leaves for the traveling circus.  Should be good. 

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