Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a day of random nothings.

Today I didn't think about anything.  I didn't worry about anything.  I didn't plan for anything.  I didn't do much of anything either.  

Today I : 
  • had a solid window of sunbathing (with sunscreen of course!  no sunburns here!)
  • changed my nail color
  • Finished one book and started another
  • had frozen yogurt 
No working out, no stressing about moving, none of that.  Tomorrow I do not start work until 5 and I plan to do ONE more day of nothing before I start to think about the task at hand.  I worry about things, I always have.  But not today... not tomorrow.  Friday.  Let the stress start on Friday. 



What I am listening to right now:

I love them.

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