Friday, September 2, 2011

recap and almost big news!!!

Big news in a few days! I should be able to say in about 24 hours? BUT this is interesting and big and fun and exciting. I hope my luck is turning around. This has been the longest 10 days of my life it seems...

BUT here are some fun pictures from the past few nights schnanigans.

We went to a party and I learned that Roger can control lasers!

And once the blacklight came on I realized that I still (despite days of scrubbing) still looked like one of the suspects on CSI!

Too much was imbibed.

It's weird that I have known this guy for so many years.

But it's nice to work with people you love so much!

At some point I got sleepy and demanded to go home

But not before Em made a friend and 'saved him' from his tortured mirror frame life that was...

We had a zombie....

And superhero..... Party.

I was one of the undead....

But found spiderman jumping on my bed!!!!

But not before the mass attack that killed or rekilled us all!

It was fun but I am so glad it is over. Watch this space. Big news tomorrow.... I promise!!!


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