Monday, September 5, 2011

Future travels?

Well I have started making plans... I have to hold off for a minute on specifics regarding this next move but what I can say is that either way.... I handed in my resignation here yesterday which means that as of today I have 28 days of employment left in Macacu! So sad in some ways! I have learned a lot here both about myself and about work and about people. In some ways macau both broke me down and helped me stand at the same time.

It is a weird place and I am not sure that many people can understand it. It's a bizarre situiation to live on a 23 square mile island. Hong Kong is amazing and one of the places that I will miss the most from here. HK is awesome and I think that if our show was based there I could stay for a long time! But heading to HK once every one or two weeks just isn't enough to make up for the fact that I spend the majority of my time on an island where there just isn't enough going on!

I had some trepidation about leaving this job, mostly because I felt bad potentially hurting the people who I work with by leaving them short staffed. But I have to think of myself first* and I know that they will make it work. And at the end of the day I have spent over two years here and I don't owe them anything!** I will miss parts of it here and I sometimes do worry about my ability to integrate back into society. :) I've basically been living on a weird reality based TV show for a while now... Cirque survivor?

Anyway... after I leave here I will hopefully have about a week and a half to do what I please. I am thinking Cambodia, Vietnam and maybe Laos?? Three places that I would like to see before I head out. And I think that is do-able in that short time. If I had a bit more time before going I would really really love to go to Nepal. It's absolutely one place that I said I wanted to go and I haven't been. It just means that I will have to put it on the back burner for now but I will make it one day. It's too amazing not to go.

I ALSO wanted to make my exit here via the Trans Siberian Railway which I will also not do.*** Again, it's on the bucket list. One day... Some amazing photography to be had there I am sure and not hugely touristy which I like especially if you go from E-->W at least that is what I am told. Anyway, I am off for now, shows to run, plans to make!



* surprisingly this is something that I rarely do.

** This was a recent teaching- Thanks Dad.

*** Super sad face about this one. I had the trip all planned out and costed including what cities I would stop at and for how long etc.

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