Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spinng spinning spinning...

... out of control!  Seriously started packing today.  Instead of making me feel more settled and better about everything.  It made me feel worse!

I know this is the right move for me but then why am I so sad to leave?

This is yet to be determined...

In other news:  Had a fantastic day off in Hong Kong today which was both productive AND enjoyable.  That doesn't happen often enough in my book!

  • Electronic shopping - check
  • camera bag update - check
  • outdoor store errands - check
  • fancy pants dinner with Macau homies - check
  • fancy pants drinks - check
  • laughing til we cried in the middle of an outdoor shop - check
  • crying til I laugh whenever I think about leaving these guys - CHECK

Pictures and posts to follow tomorrow.  Right now it's bedtime and an attempt to process some recent developments.


PS I miss you too!!!
PPS I realize that all of my recent posts are about how crazy everything is.... and are a bit lacking in substance.  I'm working on it.  Suffice to say it has been a big week!
PPPS  I think this is fucking beautiful.  The music, the video, the ambient noise in the background. everything.  This is 7 years in the making.  Listen underneath, to all of the things that help support the vocals.  Stunning in my opinion.

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