Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekend update!

What a nice week!  Super crazy per usual but also super productive!  We booked all the flights to Cambodia and back after a bit of a nightmare but in the end it was done.  We will be in around and near Phnom Penh for three days or so and I am expecting that to be heavy... From what I have heard and read it is intense, because as a tourist you are obviously reminded of the 70s and the Khmer Rouge etc.  When I was in Hiroshima last spring the thing that caught me so off guard was contextualizing all of the information and trying to relate it to modern day timings I think?  If that makes sense at all?  The perspective of how close to NOW all of that happened and obviously THAT was 1945. 

I'm not saying that there is a relation between the two other than fact that hundreds of thousands of people were killed in each (or more obviously).  Anyway.... I think it's important to see those things and try to understand what happened.  I also think it's important to feel uncomfortable in those situations, it would be wholy unnatural to NOT feel uncomfortable.

Then we will be taking a boat ride North or at least that is the plan... either via boat or bus (both roughly 6 hours) to Siem Reap to see temples for a few days and perhaps rent some motor bikes and take a little side trip to one of the fishing villages.

Sooo that is good!  We leave on Oct 6.  My last day of work here is Oct 2 and I get my work visa taken away on Oct 3.  Then I must be out of Macau for GOOD by Oct 13.  How scary is that?  It's a little scary because my flight for San Fran doesn't leave until the 16th so I need to head to HK and hang out for a few days but seriously there are worse places to be for sure!

What else is going on?  I just had a good but again, busy (always with the busy!) day off.  Good food, good fun, and got some work done.  And now... a four day work week followed by three days off and then a final four days at work!  Oh my goodness!!!

In other news:  I ditched the goldielocks and went back to brown.  And I cut it short again.  Best and easiest decision I have made in a while! 

More soon.



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